hat.chatter - Python chatter library

This library provides Python implementation of Chatter communication protocol.


hat.chatter.connect coroutine creates client initiated chatter connection:

async def connect(sbs_repo: sbs.Repository,
                  address: str,
                  pem_file: typing.Optional[str] = None,
                  ping_timeout: float = 20,
                  queue_maxsize: int = 0
                  ) -> 'Connection': ...


hat.chatter.listen coroutine creates server listening for incomming chatter connections:

async def listen(sbs_repo: sbs.Repository,
                 address: str,
                 connection_cb: typing.Callable[['Connection'], None],
                 pem_file: typing.Optional[str] = None,
                 ping_timeout: float = 20,
                 queue_maxsize: int = 0
                 ) -> 'Server':

class Server(aio.Resource):

    def async_group(self) -> aio.Group: ...

    def addresses(self) -> typing.List[str]: ...


Once chatter connection is established by calling connect or by listening for incoming connection with listen, communication interface for client-side and for server-side is the same:

class Data(typing.NamedTuple):
    module: typing.Optional[str]
    """SBS module name"""
    type: str
    """SBS type name"""
    data: sbs.Data

class Conversation(typing.NamedTuple):
    conn: 'Connection'
    owner: bool
    first_id: int

class Msg(typing.NamedTuple):
    data: Data
    conv: Conversation
    first: bool
    last: bool
    token: bool

class Connection(aio.Resource):

    def async_group(self) -> aio.Group: ...

    def local_address(self) -> str: ...

    def remote_address(self) -> str: ...

    async def receive(self) -> Msg: ...

    def send(self,
             msg_data: Data,
             conv: typing.Optional[Conversation] = None,
             last: bool = True,
             token: bool = True,
             timeout: typing.Optional[float] = None,
             timeout_cb: typing.Optional[typing.Callable[[Conversation],
                                                         None]] = None
             ) -> Conversation: ...


from hat import aio
from hat import chatter
from hat import sbs
from hat import util

sbs_repo = sbs.Repository(chatter.sbs_repo, r"""
    module Example

    Msg = Integer

port = util.get_unused_tcp_port()
address = f'tcp+sbs://{port}'

server_conns = aio.Queue()
server = await chatter.listen(sbs_repo, address, server_conns.put_nowait)

client_conn = await chatter.connect(sbs_repo, address)
server_conn = await server_conns.get()

data = chatter.Data('Example', 'Msg', 123)

msg = await server_conn.receive()
assert msg.data == data

await server.async_close()
await client_conn.wait_closed()
await server_conn.wait_closed()


API reference is available as part of generated documentation: